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LeMay Gallery, Collected works of Harry & Nancy LeMay
TV Title Card, Cirque du Soleil's Dralion
Broadcast designers add a ‘look’ to networks and shows. The purpose of that look, or design, is to give the audience a sense of what to expect when they watch. Entertainment shows like "Dralion" look different from News Shows featuring President Bill Clinton: the audience intuitively knows this should be true. The broadcast designer also adds content to News Shows that air daily, like the Bob Hope Memorial graphic and others shown here.
TV Title Graphic for Milennium
TV Title Card, President Bill Clinton Address
TV Grphic, John Glenn Return to Space
TV Titlle Card, the Magic of Cirque du Soleil
TV Graphic, Bob Hope Memorium
TV Sports Graphic, Shaq and Coby, Lakers Championship
TV Title Card, Martin Luther King Day
TV Title Card, President John F. Kennedy and Space Rocket
TV Title Card, Caligornis Condors
TV Full Screen Grapic, American Bald Eagle Soaring
TV Title Card, Y2K Milennuium Graphic
TV Sports Graphic, De la Hoya - Ruellas Fight
TV Title Graphic, Watts Towers of Los Angeles